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June 2008



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Jun. 29th, 2008

i need opinions

Do you ladies and gents prefer sticking to a certain ammount of calories everyday. I stick to 500 calories.
and it worked since I work out on my treadmill every single day, and then recently I just gained 3 out of the 10 pounds that I lost, and now I cant seem to get rid of it.

so I was thinking should I lower my number of calories, or should i try the 2468 diet?
or maybe if you have another suggestion?

And how much have you lost on the 2468 if u have tried it..

I went from 210- 200.
I was so fucking proud now I am 203.

I want to be atleast like in the 170 range by august 19th..do yous think it will be possible? 

Jun. 26th, 2008

stupid shit

I freaking gained 3 pounds over night.

Sooooo pissed with myself right now. 

Jun. 20th, 2008

June 20, 2008.

Hello :]

My name is Amanda. 

I'm not exactly why I started one of these. Maybe just to express my feelings. Who knows. Just something to do I guess. I am going to try to post daily but I will see how that will go. Feel free to ask me any questions you would like if your reading this or comments..I love meeting new people so this is a new way I can do that.

today was a good day.
I worked out a lot.
I also went out to dinner with the fam. that was okay I guess.
But overall really I just relaxed.

I don't really have nothing really to talk about today.
but if anything intresting happens I will post again later.

hope everyone is happy and doing well ! :] 

- Amanda.